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A black and white image of Ashley D'Ambrosio, a white woman with long hair, and sunglasses, wearing a shirt that reads "No spoons only" followed by the image of four knives. She is holding a black bag with white text which reads "The Future is Accessible". There is a graphic imposed over the bottom of the image in neon green/yellow. The name Ashley D'Ambrosio is written across it in black letters.

Ashley D'Ambrosio (She/Her/Hers)

CEO & Founder, Crip Riot 

Ashley is a guest lecturer in the University of Washington College of Education and an Affiliate of the University of Washington Disability Studies Program.

She is also a self-identified try-hard, trekkie, and depending on the current level of executive function, an athlete. Perhaps most impressively (and ironically), she is also a Diamond-ranked Moira-main.

Ashley began her career in student activism and disability rights in part due to a rich community of activists and student leaders from the Career Education Options (CEO) program at Shoreline Community College; a program available for students ages 16-21 to pursue a college education without a high school diploma. She is a Disabled, Mad/Mentally Ill & Chronically Ill Activist and a researcher pursuing her MA in Disability Studies from the City University of New York (CUNY).

Her research interests center around incorporating theories of "Crip Spacetime" into higher education instructional design (Universal/Inclusive Design), through distance learning integration, self-paced, asynchronous instruction, etc. It is her experience as a non-traditional, first-gen, chronically-ill, mad/mentally-ill high school-dropout, which has motivated a desire to explore the narratives and contexts of disabled students who have been criminalized, pathologized, and/or traumatized as part of their educational journey.

Lindsey Muszkiewicz (She/Her/Hers)

Creative Director, Crip Riot

Lindsey is a student at the University of Washington in Seattle majoring in Comparative History of Ideas (CHID) and Disability Studies, studying disability representation in media. Currently, she’s a part-time assistant at the DO-IT Center (Disabilities, Opportunities, Inter-networking and Technology), where she assists office staff and mentors high schoolers with disabilities during their Scholars Summer Study Program. As a former recipient of the Scholars Program in 2014, she credits the organization as her first encounter with realizing she’s “not your inspiration, thank you very much.”

From 2018-2019, she encouraged the growth of the F*** Stairs campaign via social media and meme cultivation to catch the attention of the current generation. Lindsey is an avid artist and enjoys finding creative outlets to engage with audiences in a way where they enjoy the interaction as much as she does, leading her to pursue disability-focused comedy and stories, part of which she is bringing to Crip Riot.

She is also a former Fall 2020 Intern for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she got to shadow production departments and ask Stephen himself, “where are all the disabled people?” Lindsey is hoping to inject the mainstream media conscious with disabled, queer, and BIPOC creativity and stories in her career, and Crip Riot is the first proliferation of many in this crusade. 

[ID: a black and white photo of a butch disabled lesbian sitting in a wheelchair wearing flannel and matching aviators, against a background of trees, water, and sky. There is a graphic imposed over the bottom of the image in neon green/yellow. The name Lindsey Muszkiewicz is written across it in black letters./ID]
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